Saturday, November 12, 2011

CEO Lecture Series

In the most recent installment of the School of Business' CEO Lecture Series, RMU welcomed Richard P. Simmons.  A graduate of MIT, Mr. Simmons is a former professor of management at Carnegie Mellon University, and also the former CEO of both Allegheny Technologies Incorporated and Allegheny Ludlum Corporation.  Mr. Simmons came to RMU to lecture to an audience of both business professionals and students about the roles and responsibilities of a CEO during tough economic times.

President Dell'Omo began the event by greeting those in attendance and speaking praises of Robert Morris University and its students.  He stated that for years Robert Morris University graduates have been building the Pittsburgh area and will continue to do so for years to come.

Dr. Dell'Omo then introduced Doug Heuck, editor and publisher of Pittsburgh Quarterly.  Mr. Hueck gave the audience some background on Mr. Simmons before welcoming him to the podium.

Mr. Simmons spoke on his lifetime's worth of experiences in the business world and what he has learned of his decades long career.  He placed at great deal of emphasis on what Mr.Simmons called his "Life Truths."
  1. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.
  2. If you give good people good and timely information, they will do great things.
  3. Look beyond your job; ask how your choices affect your peers.
  4. Look through issues and be prepared to disagree with conventional wisdom, even if it's with your boss.
  5. All specialty products become commodities over time.
  6. In a global economy, you must be cost competitive.
  7. In a capital intensive industry, return on capital must always be greater than cost of capital.
  8. Take advantage of opportunities when they arise, because you don't know if they will come around again.

    Mr. Simmons used his experiences to explain that a CEO is not only a managing position, but also a teaching position, and that the CEO is the one who sets standards for performance and should live up to those standards him/herself.

    After his lecture concluded, Mr. Hueck returned to the stage conduct a question and answer session with Mr. Simmons.  Audience members asked questions about what advice he can give to not only the professionals in attendance but also students who will soon be professionals.

    In a final piece of advice, Mr. Simmons told students to choose the company you work for carefully and not allow youth and inexperience hold you back in your blossoming career.

    You can see the full gallery of this event and other events by following the links below.

    Written by Greg Chapman

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