Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RMU Honors Matriculating Business Students

On October 21st, 2011, the AASCB accredited School of Business here at Robert Morris University held its Inaugural Matriculation Ceremony in the auditorium of Massey Hall.  The ceremony was held to honor 47 students who have completed their Business and Communications core courses, and officially enroll them in the School of Business as candidates for a degree from this University.

The ceremony was preceded by a reception in the lobby in which students were able to network with attending faculty and guests.  Students spoke fondly of their experiences in not only the School of Business, but all of Robert Morris University.

Gregory Lucas, a junior Accounting major, stated that he is proud of his choice to attend Robert Morris University.  He enjoys the smaller class sizes and individual attention he gets from his professors.  He said that he believes Robert Morris is providing him with a quality education and preparing him for life after graduation.

Stephanie Egan, also a junior Accounting major, and Rachel Ricciardulli, a junior Management major, mirrored Mr. Lucas' sentiments, each stating that they feel the professors really care about their academic and personal growth.

Dean of the School of Business, Derya Jacobs, began the ceremony by addressing the people in attendance and explaining the purpose of the event, as well as the meaning behind matriculation.  The biggest sentiment behind her speech was to encourage students to not be shy in any aspect of life, especially academically. 

After Dr. Jacobs spoke, Dr. Litzinger introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Mr. Dewitt Peart.  Mr.Peart is a 1981 RMU graduate and the current Executive Vice President of Economic Development of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Mr. Peart praised the School of Business here at Robert Morris University, stating that he would "put them up against any student in the state."  Throughout his speech, he encouraged students to consider staying in the Pittsburgh area after they graduate, and that Pittsburgh has become a leader in the energy industry.  He also told students that the best way to grow in any career field is to find a way to give back to the community

Prior to the ceremony, Mr.Peart stated that he was blown away by what great shape the campus is in and how much everything has improved since his days as a student.  He was thrilled to have been asked to speak at the event.

Professor Jeff Guiler handed out the awards to the students who were met with congratulatory handshakes from Dean Jacobs and other faculty members.

To conclude the ceremony, Dean Jacobs took the podium again to thank everyone for attending and to again congratulate the students on receiving this award.  Students and faculty continued to mingle and network after the ceremony concluded.

This Inaugural Matriculation Ceremony will be followed by many more of its kind in the future as Robert Morris continues to produce hard working students and a quality educational experience.

Written by Greg Chapman

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