Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Interview with Dr. Litzinger, New Interim Dean of SBUS

On December 1st, 2011, the School of Business welcomed a new Interim Dean, Dr. Patrick Litzinger.  Dr. Litzinger has given 34 years of service to RMU as a Professor, Department Head, and now Interim Dean of the School of Business, all while being an outstanding ambassador of not only the Business School, but Robert Morris University as a whole.

Dr. Litzinger obtained his Undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as his Masters of Art and Economics and Ph.D. Prior to his time at Robert Morris, Dr. Litzinger taught at Thiel College in Greenville Pennsylvania for two years. After his time at Thiel, he was offered positions at three other institutions, but decided that Robert Morris was the best choice for him.  In 2004, he obtained the position of Department Head for Economics and Legal Studies.  With this he took on a variety of administrative responsibilities such as overseeing faculty, scheduling classes, and assisting students with scheduling and degree progress issues.

Upon hearing about the vacant position as Interim Dean of the School of Business, he decided that he would be the best person to fill it, and obtained it, taking on the duties as Chief Faculty Member and Administrator for the School of Business.  These duties require that he oversee administrative issues and work with all faculty to ensure that RMU students get the best possible experience.  On the topic of what has been the most challenging adjustment he has had to make in his new position, Dr. Litzinger stated that determining how to budget time between all of his duties has been the most daunting aspect of his new position.

While taking on these new duties, Dr. Litzinger also retains some of his previous duties as Head of the Economics and Legal Studies Department.  When asked how he balances his new responsibilities as Interim Dean with his duties as Department Head, he said that the support he has received from all faculty members has helped him tremendously.  He also wished to give a special thanks to the Associate Deans, Dr. Gayle Marco and Dr. Darlene Motley, as well the Administrative Coordinator Maureen Brant, and Administrative Assistants Laura Whitaker and Linda Sivak, without whom he stated he would not be able to accomplish as much as he does.

In his time as Department Head for Economics and Legal Studies, Dr. Litzinger has worked hard to get his students involved in networking with professionals, an initiative he wishes to spread throughout the entire School of Business and all of RMU with his new role as Interim Dean.  Dr. Litzinger believes that being involved in professional networking throughout one's academic career pays endless dividends, a sentiment shared by many faculty members.

In a final message to students, Dr. Litzinger wishes students all the best in their academics, urging them to continue to take their education seriously, and the School of Business will continue to support all students as they work towards obtaining their degrees and entering the professional world.

Written by Greg Chapman

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