Sunday, September 16, 2012

RMU is on the Rise!

The 2013 edition of the U.S. News rankings was just released, and RMU has improved by 12 ranking positions this year, from 82nd to 70th place in its Regional Universities-North ranking category. This 12 position gain comes atop the 11 positions that we improved in the 2012 edition of the rankings.

While the overall quality of a university is more important than its position in U.S. News, at least those rankings give RMU a consistent and comparative framework against which our overall progress as an institution can be measured. In 2003 RMU was ranked 133rd and had a Peer Assessment Score of 2.4/5.0 as opposed to 2.8/5.0 this year so the University has come a long way over the past decade thanks to the efforts of RMU's faculty and staff.

Post written by Kelly Kane

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