Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall 2012 Career Expo

This year's RMU Fall Career Expo turned out to be quite an event! Employers from all over the greater Pittsburgh area came to RMU to speak with students about internships and post-graduation employment.

For those who were unable to attend the event, here are some internship and job hunting tips that were shared by some of the employers at the Expo:
  • Always include your GPA on your resume, even if it is lower than an employer's minimum requirement. Some employers will immediately discard your resume if your GPA is not included on it.
  • Bring a hard copy of your resume to interviews even if you have already e-mailed it to the employer that is interviewing you.
  • Having an impressive resume is only half the battle when searching for jobs. Having strong interview skills highly increases the chance of gaining employment. Brush up on interviewing skills by participating in mock interviews on campus. 
  • Always be well prepared for an interview. Know the company's mission statement and why you feel you would benefit that particular company.
Below are pictures from the event:

Post written by Kelly Kane

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