Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dean's Reception

The RMU School of Business had its annual Dean's Reception on Friday, August 22nd. The purpose of the Dean's Reception is to allow incoming and transfer students to meet the Dean and faculty and socialize.
Dean John Beehler, Ph.D gave a brief speech about the School of Business and what his goals and expectations are for the school, not just for the coming academic year, but for years to come.
Dean Beehler wants to continue the success students have had and further entrench the legacy Robert Morris University has with the School of Business.
Dean Beehler was then joined by Interim Associate Dean Patrick Litzinger, Ph.D and he shared his goals and legacy with the students.
The students that did arrive were treated to beverages and a raffle for various School of Business items. Some of the items up for grabs were a fleece blanket, a leather portfolio and notepad, various polo shirts, a few day planners, a stainless steel coffee mug and several bag style backpacks.

The goods that were up for grabs.

Dean Beehler then introduced the department heads and the event segued to each of the concentrations. Dr. David "Buddha" Budziszewski (Undeclared), Dr. David Synowka (Sports Management), Dr. Marcel Minutolo (Management), Dr. Patrick Litzinger (Economics/Legal Studies), Mrs. Carol MacPhail MS (Accounting), Dr. Drank Flanegin (Finance), Dr. Denis Rudd (Hospitality Management) and Dr. Steven Clinton (Marketing) were there with various other faculty members to help break the ice with the students and set them at ease.

Dr. David Synowka listening to Dean Beehler talk about the future of the School of Business.
Dr. Steven Clinton talking about Marketing and its impact.
Dr. Patrick Litzinger explaining the focus on the Economics/Legal Studies department.
Dr. David "Buddha" Budziszewski giving advice to the undeclared majors.
Dr. Marcel Minutolo and Dr. Jeff Guiler entertaining students about the Management program.
Dr. Denis Rudd and others talking about the Hospitality Management Program.
Professor David Hess listening to students introduce themselves and explaining how Accounting relates to their interests.

Overall the Dean's Reception was a success and the Dean with the rest of the faculty wish the Class of 2017 great success with their academic career!

Post and Photography by Ian Munroe

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