Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Economics Club on Campus

Student Announcement
RMU now has an Economics Club!

Calling all Economics Majors and anyone else interested in economics! A new club is born at RMU!

The RMU Economics Clubs is now open to all economics students and will be open to all business students at the start of the spring 2016 semester. Our organization’s activities will include: networking within the business community as it relates to economics, guest speakers such as: economists, government officials, business leaders, and postgraduate economic students, preparation for students’ careers after graduation, attending economic conferences, and discussions centered around how economic theories can be put into practice as well as current events in economics.

That being said, this is a new club so the first few meetings will be dedicated to gaining feedback from everyone.

Anyone who is interested in joining, please email TJ or if you have any questions, you may email TJ or Matt. We look forward to hearing from everyone and stay tuned for more details!

President- TJ Conroy: tjcst252@mail.rmu.edu
Vice President- Matt Munko: mrmst367@mail.rmu.edu
Secretary- Nathaniel Vacar: nxvst228@mail.rmu.edu
Treasurer- Brendon Damon: bpdst446@mail.rmu.edu
SGA representative- TBA

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