Monday, March 25, 2013

SBUS Graduate and Undergraduate “Poster” Conference Guidelines 2013

Poster Set – Up on the Event Day
1. All posters must be set up by 10:30 AM in the Business Building.  Students will be assigned a location for their display.  (Display stands will be provided.)
2. Presenters (student or students) of the posters must stand with the display and answer questions about the project to the RMU community.  The student(s) will answer questions from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  The poster will stay on display till 2:00 PM.  The poster will be collected upon completion by the School and used at other events to promote students’ work.
3. At the event students should have complete copies of their projects for reference or for questions and answers.
4. Students should rehearse talking points about their research / boards.  They should also be prepared to answer questions individuals (viewing the posters) might ask about the projects.

Design and Layout Specifications
1. Each poster will be mounted on a 40” x 60” foam-core board.
2. The banner at the top of a poster must display the title of the project, student(s) name, major, course title and faculty member’s name. 
3. Displays may be either vertical or horizontal.  
4. The content for each poster should be progressive and easy for the viewer to understand.
a)      Lettering should be in a standard plain text and readable from five feet away.
a)      Use a minimum font size of 18 points for text.
b)      Titles should be at least 70 point font and bold type face.
c)       All lettering needs to be printed on the board.

b)      Visuals
a)      Each visual should have a brief title, description, and be numbered sequentially
b)      The visuals should be simple and easy  to read
c)       Figures should highlight the data
d)      Tie the visuals to the text
c)       Text
a)      Introduction (Objectives and Summary of Results)
     i.      Introduce the study (“What hypothesis was tested?”  or  “What problem was investigated?” or  “Why did you complete this project?”)
b)      Body (Methods, Result, Discussion)
      i.      Explanation or interpretation of the data
     ii.      Tie the visual to the body copy

c)       Conclusion
      i.      Project conclusion
     ii.      Will future research be needed?

d)      Determine the visual content and coordinate the written and visual content for the most effective use of space.

e)      Color will enhance the comprehension and visual appeal.

f)       Cite and reference any information that is not your own.  Use APA style and cite all sources at the end of the poster.

Printing Requirements
1. Students must review content with faculty member. The faculty member should approve the content of the poster.  Convert content to a PDF Format before printing.  (Do not use Power Point to set-up the poster.)
2. All projects should be submitted in PDF format and the font change turned “off” by the Faculty to (will be announced after Secretaries are hired and assigned.
3. Timeline for “poster” printing
a)      Finalized  “posters” received by the Faculty Members - Monday, April 15, 2013.
b)      Faculty will review, convert to final PDF files and send the finalized PDF to (will be announced after Secretaries are hired and assigned by Wednesday, April 17, 2013.
c)       “Posters” will be delivered to the staging area for the event Monday, April 29, 2013.

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