Friday, February 14, 2014

2014 Integrity First Scholarship Deadline Extended

Need more time to apply to for the $2500 Scholarship and earn credit on your Student Engagement Transcript?

The deadline has been midnight until 5pm on Monday, March 31st. Email your completed application to:

Several students have asked what is a stakeholder? Stakeholders are the people and groups affected by the way a company and it managers behave. Stakeholders supply a company with its productive resources and so have a claim on and stake in the company (Jones and George, 2008). Attached is a picture depicting the types of stakeholders. If you have any additional questions please send me an email message

I look forward to receiving your application!

Dr. Daria Crawley
Chair, SBUS Ethics Commitee

Jones, G. and George, J. (2008). Contemporary Management. (5th ed). New York: McGraw Hill.

Post by Ian Munroe

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